Grant Evaluation Services

21st Century Community Learning Centers

We help showcase your program's positive impact on students in our evaluation reports and highlight summaries!

Grant Evaluation Services

21st Century Community Learning Centers

Our evaluation reports showcase your

program's positive impact on students

Maximize Your Program's Impact with Expert Grant Evaluation Services

We assist you in selecting the most effective evaluation methods to meet your clients’ needs. From customizing evaluation plans and data collection systems to analyzing and presenting data, we're with you every step of the way. Utilize our services to plan, improve programs, demonstrate accountability, and show funders the meaningful impact of their contributions.

We are a PDE 21st CCLC

“Approved External Organization”

providing evaluations and program design.

We showcase your
program’s positive
impact on students.

We help with the administrative data burden, allowing you to focus on students.

Our reports are
easy to read, understandable, and visually appealing.

We make practical recommendations to help improve your program.

Our Process

At Steps To Achieve, we start by collaborating with you to develop customized evaluation plans that fit your program's unique needs. Our experts design and implement data collection systems that effectively capture essential performance metrics. Once the data is gathered, we conduct thorough analyses to uncover meaningful insights. We then help you present these findings in clear, impactful reports. This comprehensive process not only demonstrates your program's effectiveness to funders but also provides actionable insights to enhance your services.

Step 1

Onboarding Meeting

We collaborate with you to develop a customized evaluation plan tailored to your program's needs.

Step 2

Data Collection & Analysis

Our experts design and implement data collection systems to capture and analyze key performance metrics.

Step 3


We present the findings in clear, impactful reports, showcasing your program's effectiveness and providing actionable insights for improvement.

Our Services

Our services focus on helping educators in schools, charter schools, after-school programs, non-profits, government, & higher education have a positive impact on students.  



Silver Plan

Grant Application Assistance

Program Documentation Review

Interview Program Administrators

Develop Evaluation Plan

➡️Using Mixed Methodologies

Define Data Needs

Create Data Collection Templates

Provide Guidance

Analyze Data

Develop Evaluation Report

➡️ Easy to read

➡️ Visually Apealing

➡️ Ensuring compliance is met

Providing recommendations for improvement



Gold Plan

Everything in the base evaluation plan

Collect Stakeholder Feedback

Administer surveys for:

➡️ Parents and Families

➡️ Students

➡️ Program Staff

➡️ School Day Teachers

➡️ Required Elementary Teachers

Site Observations with Interviews of

➡️ Students

➡️ Staff

➡️ Families

Mid-Year Formative Reporting

Summative Reporting

Data Management

& Evaluation

Platinum Plan

Everything in the enhanced evaluation plan

Monthly Participation Summaries

➡️Average attendance by site

➡️Unique students participating

➡️Days offering programming

➡️Enrichment Provider Participation

Guidance on PIMS for required data

Creating standard SIS exports

Consolidating Student Data Workbook

APR Window 1: Participation Summary

➡️ data in template matching the APR

APR Window 2: GPRA Outcomes

➡️ data in template matching the APR

Staff Workshops

➡️ Strategic Planning for OST using SWOT

➡️ Strategies to Increase Attendance

➡️ Student Stressed to Student Success

➡️ Building Engaging Family Programs

How We Compare

We deliver top notch results. Our mission is to provide grant evaluations, professional development, assessments, and data analysis that help educators have a greater impact on students.

Expertise and Experience

Over 25 years of experience in grant evaluations and educational program assessments, led by certified professionals including PMP and Agile Certified Practitioner.

Trusted Advisor

Viewed as a reliable and expert partner by clients, offering timely and accurate responses to meet state and federal reporting requirements.

Comprehensive Services

Full-spectrum evaluation services, including data collection, site observations, reporting, and state monitoring activities tailored to 21st CCLC programs.

State and Federal Compliance

Deep understanding and adherence to state and federal guidelines, ensuring all reports and evaluations meet the highest standards.

Privacy and Security

Robust privacy and security measures for student data, fully aligned with FERPA, and supported by comprehensive cyber insurance.

PDE Approvals

Recognized as a PDE 21st CCLC 'Approved External Organization' and a PDE-approved Act-48 Training Provider.

Data-Driven Insights

Utilize advanced data analysis techniques to provide actionable insights that drive program improvement and student outcomes.

Professional Development

Customized professional development assessments to enhance the skills and effectiveness of educational staff involved in 21st CCLC programs.

Client-Centric Approach

Tailored services to meet the unique needs of over 50 centers annually, ensuring personalized support and targeted solutions.

Proven Results

Track record of successful evaluations and program enhancements that demonstrate clear, measurable improvements in educational outcomes.

Experience Matters

  • Over 25 years of experience

  • Over 50 centers evaluated annually

  • Over 25,000 students evaluated

  • Strong understanding of FERPA

  • Approved External Organization

  • Approved Act-48 Training Provider

  • Members of the American Evaluation Association

Here is what makes us unique:

  • We work with your program to showcase your impact on students.

  • We create a “highlights brochure” for your program.

  • We share draft reports for feedback and your input.

  • We will complete your evaluation reports by mid-fall, (i.e., we don't wait until the holiday break).

  • We help guide program and evaluation design.

  • We survey parents, students, teachers, and staff to collect stakeholder feedback on your program.

    • Our surveys align with statistics quoted in funding advocacy.

  • We participate in site observations, including talking with staff and students.

  • We help with data management, including:

    • preparing the student data file

    • collecting the annual teacher surveys

    • calculating the APR participation outcomes

    • calculating the APR GPRA outcome measures

    • calculating monthly dashboard totals

    • working with districts to collect data through PIMS or custom reports.

  • We implement appropriate privacy and security safeguards to protect student data

  • Our customers love us and are strong advocates for our services. Please ask us for references.

“Wow! I am blown away. This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much, Jim. It's so nice and neat and really easy to read. Great job"

"I think you have once again blown it out of the park! The way you show the data is wonderful. I love how you word the improvements for each site. I am unsure how you do it, but I think they are great."

“I am amazed by how you showcase
our program”

“You have saved me hours and hours of work with our reporting!”

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