Maxwell Student Success Report
(Ages 8-12)

The Maxwell Student Success Report is designed for students aged 8-12 years old that will help students learn:

1. Your Unique Personality: Which of the four primary personality styles students have the most energy in? In other words, your special gifts, talents and personality that make us amazing.

2. How your personality shows up with others. This is helpful and home and school.

3. Typical ways students may act in school. You will find new ways to enjoy school, learn in ways that come easier to you, and communicate with your classmates and teachers.

4. How to grow into the best version of You! by enhancing their strengths, skills and talents. Growth is an important part of life. You know that because you have already grown a lot! This report will help you grow into the best version of YOU…not someone else, but YOU. You don’t have to be like everyone else.

5. What motivates you! We all have motivators to get us to act, your student will learn what motivates them.

6. What are your greatest strengths? Whether you call them strengths, talents or gifts, these are the areas where you can have the most success.

7. SPECIAL parent and teacher sections, that helps you better connect with your student or child. We provide you with a tailored roadmap for your student’s path to success.

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