Learning Style Assessment & Report

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The Learning Style Assessment is a simple online assessment that will identify the best way of learning and retaining new information.

Once you complete payment, within 24 hours you will receive a link to complete the assessment.   A customized report will be emailed to you that describes your learning styles and will provide you with insights on the best way to learn and retain new information.

Additionally, we will schedule a 20-30 minute review of your learning styles report via conference call or Webex.

The Learning Styles assessment does just as its name implies; it identifies each individual’s best means for learning and retaining new information. Some people like to process information through text, while others need visual support and images. Some learners best assimilate information alone, while others prefer to work in groups. There are those who can grasp information intuitively, while others prefer to follow a strong sequential path. In essence, understanding learning styles offers the key to maximizing an organization’s training investments, enlightening its management teams and even assembling top performing teams.

The Learning Styles assessment is designed to measure the learning style of an individual in most situations. These situations encompass four categories:

    • 1. ATTENDING
    • 3. RELATING