Developing the Leader Within You 2.0

Training Curriculum

Developing the Leader Within You

For Today’s Generations of Leaders

In this newly revised book, we gain additional wisdom from reading about the leadership insights and practices John has learned in the decades since the first book appeared. This remains the first book John recommends people read to start their leadership journey. And, it’s the book he recommends leaders use to mentor others in leadership.
We will cover key leadership topics:
  • Influence / Priorities
  • Character / Attitude
  • Problem Solving / Vision
  • Self-Discipline
  • Personal Growth
  • and many more ….

Session Topics

The Developing the Leader Within You 2.0 training curriculum can be structured to fit within a 45-60 minute team meeting, a dedicated 2-hour, 4-hour, full-day, or multiple-day training event. Sessions can be delivered for a one-time event or a series of sessions over multiple weeks.
The following is an example of how the material could be structure to cover the key concepts from John Maxwell’s book over 5 sessions. Each session is an interactive group discussion that is facilitated by a John Maxwell certified coach and lasts approximately 60-90 minutes each week.  Participants will read the associated chapters of the book in advance of each session.

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